"Future is primitive" and "Picnolepsy" are now on air on Souvenir From the Earth television.

SOUVENIRS FROM EARTH is an international Cable TV station, currently broadcasting in France and Germany, presenting a 24h art program, based on Video art, Film, Visual art, Music, Installations and Performances.

Founder Marcus Kreiss and Curator Alec Crichton conceived this channel as a platform where artists of different sensibilities can find a high-end environment to experience new forms of distribution and presentation. Our production section also produces comissioned and free video art.

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"Future is primitive" has been selected at Video Art Festival Miden 

5-7 July 2012 Historic Centre of Kalamata, Greece

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I’m glad to announce that my installation work Picnolepsy  has been selected by VKUNST  ”Neue Klarheit” video-und medienkunst Frankfurt (DE)

The opening is going to be held tomorrow at 8 p.m, if you are around don’t miss it.

(Source: v-kunst.de)

I confess I try to fly / MOLESKINE MyDetour an handmade kinothumb
2 animations of 60 fps, ink, trichloroethylene, paper

I confess I try to fly // MOLESKINE MyDetour,an handmade kinothumb, mixed media, 2011

"Picnolepsy"— the epileptic state of consciousness produced by speed, or rather, the consciousness invented by the subject through its very absence: the gaps, glitches, and speed bumps lacing through and defining it." (Paul Virilio)

Picnolepsy, HD stereoscopic video, binaural sound, 05’:19”, 2011
A woman inhabits a flat and experiences ordinary moment of absence.
The video has been filmed with one camera asking the actress to repeat twice the same acts and changing slightly the point of view of recording. The act of performing is, in this way, captured along its fictional gap.
Experimenting with the optical illusion that anaglyph recording technique triggers in the brain, the author explores new ways of representation stressing the limit of narratives structure and of sensorial perception.
What our eyes are learned to perceive as error becomes in this work the chance to see what we usually won’t.
The presence of a character that moves beyond the stage is perceive through 360° binaural sounds, suggesting new spaces of storytelling and creating new layers of vision that extrude from the conventional space of a monitor.
The use of immersive recording technologies - such as anaglyph video and binaural sound- are here used, rather then as “special effect”, as a critical tool to investigate hidden layer of storytelling.
This video is shown within the installation Stereobox La chambre chiasm

Picnolepsy, HD stereoscopic video, binaural sound, 05’19”, 2011 

Hd stereoscopic video, binaural sound, plywood box, red/cyan gelatin filter, Lcd monitor, headphones; 13,5 cm x18 cm x 28 cm

OPERA 2010, Fondazione Spinola Banna per l’Arte, Poirino (TO) March 2011

Stereobox II // La chambre chiasm, mixed media, 2011

intro 1intro2

ATELIER #1, Polaroid 700ID, expired films, 2010 // Catalogo Moleskine Opera 2010, artisti della Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa